Commercial Locksmith Service

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Zig Zag Locksmith specializes in commercial locksmith services in Los Angeles. We offer our services to all types of businesses, including retail shops, large organizations, offices, and more.

We offer only the best commercial locksmith security equipment. Everything from high security locks, keyless entry systems, keypad locks, to control access systems are only from name-brand manufacturers.

Our highly professional Locksmiths offer many services as needed. We provide proper consultation along with the right estimates and make sure to cover every ground so your business is secure. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial locksmiths, equipped to provide you latest business, commercial, and industrial locksmith services.

What Our Locksmith Service for Businesses Includes?

Re-Key, Master rekey system

Lock change and lock installation service

High-security lock repair, replacement, and installation

Break-in Repair

Install, open or repair safes

Push bars and alarm-sound exit door locks – installation and repair

Install cabinet locks, panic bars, mortise lock

Installation of buzzer systems and all types of key-less entry systems and other commercial security systems.

Commercial Locks Can Break When Over-Used
In terms of use, just imagine the lock and handle on the front door of your home that has 4 people living in it. They each come and go from the house at least a few times a day. Now compare that to an office or a store, where people come and go, and the doors are being used at lease 50 times per day.
That kind of over use over time can cause damage to the lock and the door. 

In this case, that lock can be jammed, broken or simply won't lock anymore. This is where our expert locksmiths come in the pictures. We can help you with any type of lock in your business. Our locksmith will assist the situation and will go over with and will give all the options that you have. after that they will work with you on giving you back the safest lock for your business. 

How Long Will it Take? Will I Need To Shut Down The Business For The Day?
No, you will not need to do that. We are aware that time very important in that situation, because we don't want to interfere with a running business and annoy your customer or keep the people in the office from doing their job. 
We can work very efficient to finish the job fast and let you keep working.

Why Call Zig Zag Locksmith Service?
We have a great team of experienced locksmiths who can deal with any type of lock and can make sure to get you back into your house or car in a short period of time. Our professional locksmith can unlock and doors without causing any damage to the locks. 
If you are looking for a fast and affordable, and most importantly professional, contact Zig Zag Locksmith at 424-581-8927 to help you open any lock you need, without causing any damage.