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House And Car Lockout

its happens to everyone at least once. You lock your front door\car, and the keys are still inside. In some odd situations, you might accidentally lock your keys in the trunk. in this kind of situations dont panic try to spend few minutes to check alternative way to get in. if you completely stuck dont hesitate and waste time call zig zag locksmith service and one of our professional technician will meet you in 30 minutes.


Rekeying doesn’t mean replacing your locks. They rearrange the pins in the cylinder to make an old key not work.
zig zag locksmith service can provide you mobile rekey service just us send your address and a technician will be at the location in 30 minutes.


"When you or your employees are locked out of your business, time is of the essence. Every minute you are not open is costing you revenue. In times like these, it's important to call in a commercial locksmith near you who can be on-site quickly to resolve the problem".
zig zag locksmith commercial service can help out with a variety of other services as well including installing new locks, rekeying doors and opening safes.

Lock Change

In our climate in california is very dry in the summer and pretty wet in the winter's and that is the main concern about your lock's (hardware). with the time come bay the rust begin and this is the main cause to locks to get stuck. in a result it mean you can get stuck outside with a broken key or jammed door knob. our company provide free lock's inspection just to be sure your lock's (hardware) not gonna break in the time you used them. another concern about your lock's condition it's your safety, yes you heard right. most of the residential lock are old and not up to date with new lock technology and it mean that for an average intruder who know's how to pick a lock it's only a matter of seconds to get inside your asset. so we truly recommend to keep your lock's up to date so just call us and say you want to do some free inspection of lock change and a technician will come shortly after!

Padlock Removal

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Zig Zag Locksmith Service Los Angeles (424)-581-8927, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.


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