24/7 Mobile Rekey Service

We Provide 24/7 Mobile Rekey Service

Need to change the locks to stop an unwanted person from gain entry without your permission? 

Other companies will try to convince you that you need to change the whole lock. But there is a simpler and cheaper solution. 

Rekeying locks is the simplest way. For added security, we can upgrade your existing locks to restricted key locks. We can also make all locks work from one key.
So if you have just moved into a new home and you are unsure of how many key copies there are, We would strongly recommend rekeying the locks. This will prevent your old keys from working, call us now and we will get it done ASAP.

There’s no point in having locks if you don’t know who has keys or how many. At Zig Zag Locksmith, we can help you change locks for a more secure home. Have you:

Just moved in?

Lost a key?

Had a roomate move out?

Lent a key to a tradesperson?

Had many AirBnB guests?

Had keys stolen?

Can All Locks Be Re-Keyed to One Key?

If all locks use the same key profile, then yes. You can check this yourself by trying to insert the keys from one lock into your other locks. If the keys go in but do not turn, then they’re the same key profile. 

Absolutely. You will be just as secure as you were before, and maybe more so, as our professional locksmith will have removed the lock, verified its functionality, re-keyed it, and re -fitted it to your door. You can 100% rely on the fact that your old keys will not work in the lock once we have re-keyed it.

Why Call Zig Zag Locksmith Service?

We have a great team of experienced locksmiths who can deal with any type of lock and can make sure to get you back into your house or car in a short period of time. Our professional locksmith can unlock and doors without causing any damage to the locks. 

If you are looking for a fast and affordable, and most importantly professional, contact Zig Zag Locksmith at 424-581-8927 to help you open any lock you need, without causing any damage. 

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